Writing Isn’t Escapism, It’s Exploration


Horsetail Fall is a seasonal waterfall that flows in winter and early spring in Yosemite National Park of California. It is otherwise known as “fire fall”. That’s because in a few days every year during the last two weeks of February as the sun sets behind the horizon line, sunlight will hit and reflect off the falls at the exact right angle creating a spectacular short lived effect, which looks like a beautiful lava fall.


Milky Way, Aurora Borealis and meteors over the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland. Check out the high-res version, it’s amazing.

Credit: Greg Annandale


Klint Finley

Tom Stafford wrote:

Psychologists have used this section of the book, or sentences taken from it or inspired by it, to induce feelings of determinism in experimental subjects. A typical study asks people to read and think about a series of sentences such as “Science has demonstrated…

“Reading a dead person’s words is like bring them back to life.”